Monday, February 6, 2012

Nixon is officially 5!!!

We finally had Nixon's
 5th birthday party!
Because of the holidays 
and the arrival of 
her little sister the party was 
delayed a couple of months. 

For an entire year she has been
 planning her birthday party.
She made it very clear she wanted a
 Rapunzel party at her house,
everyone to spend the night and
 dress-up like princesses.
She also wanted everyone's nails
& make-up done. 

She insisted (even though her 
birthday was in December) 
that she was not 5
until she had cake and 
blew out her candles!

After a few weeks with a 
new baby I decided
a slumber party with 
4 and 5 year olds
was not the best idea.
So I convinced Nixon that the
 girls could come and stay 
really late, until 9 o'clock!
(that's almost midnight!)

My plan was to do a very 
simple party at the
house. We invited a
 several little girls
 from church and our 
neighbor Hadley.
Unfortunately, a couple
 of her friends 
were not able to make it. 

I started by making this
 simple but cute invitation!

I was most excited about the
 topiary I made out of 
cupcake wrappers even 
though it turned out a little

While I made the topiary Haley
 hot glued cupcake wrappers to 
a cardboard 5.

It turned out way cuter than my topiary!

Because the party started 
out as a slumber party 
I decided for party favors I would 
make all the girls Rapunzel pajama pants.

JoAnne's ran out of Rapunzel fabric so a few
girls got Princess fleece instead.

"Nixon wants to say 
for making her birthday so much fun!
Enjoy your Princess PJs tonight
to everyone! "

(thanks Nina for helping me with the rhyme)

Nixon in her new PJs!

Nixon showing what she would 
look like sleeping
in her new PJs!

We had fun decorating!
I have  accumulated a lot of princess
decor so I did not have to buy much.

I finally used my new Cricut 
I got for Christmas! 

For plates I hot-glued plastic knives to black
paper pates to make frying pans like the ones
Rapunzel uses to hit Flynn Ryder 
with in the movie "Tangled"!

Nicole came over earlier that afternoon
and saw I was a little overwhelmed
(Lottie had been sick all week)
so she took my Rapunzel hair and 
braided it for me!

Haley made candied marshmallows 
served in a frying pan.

Nina bought cookies from LuLu's Sweet Expectations.
Her sugar cookies are a-mazing!!!
(Jared ate most of them)

I made jello boats with corona sails. 
(from when in the movie
 Flynn Rider and Rapunzel 
go out on the boat together)

I attempted to make a ham and cheese braid. 
I am not a cook but this time 
I completely blame our 
oven for this failure! 
I could not get the inside to 
cook so Jared ended up
going to McDonalds and getting 
chicken nuggets for the kids.

The cake was wonderful!!!
In fact, Nicole and I agree 
it was the best we have ever had!
We also got it from LuLu's.

We also served purple grapes, purple gummies, 
and grape koolaide. 

When the girls arrived we 
had an art project for them 
just like Rapunzel 
painted in her tower. 

Instead of letting the kids paint freely 
I found a cute Handprint Princess Crown idea.

We couldn't leave Lottie out
of the painting!

The finished paintings!
Handprint Princess Crowns

After the girls painted they
 lined up to enter the
"Princess Parlor"

We transformed the girls bedroom 
into the Princess Parlor where Haley,
Erica, and Ellie were waiting
 to transform the girls into princesses.

They entered and chose 
their favorite dress 
and shoes!

They visited "Rapunzel's Hair Station"

Haley braided the girls hair and
gave them each a flower. 
Nixon was very specific 
that Rapunzel had flowers in her 
hair and they needed them too!

Ellie was in charge of make-up.

Erica painted the girl's nails 
at "Cinderella's Nail Station".

The girls also got to accessorize 
with a crown, bracelets and rings.

Most of the night was spent
 in the Princess Parlor!

Isla putting on her own makeup!

Nixon adding a little more shimmer!

Hadley really liked the bracelets!

All the girls looked beautiful!

Lottie even got a crown!

After getting all dolled up,
 the girls lined up for their beauty walk!

Rapunzel a.k.a.
Nixon Grace

Sleeping Beauty
a.k.a. Ava

Barbie a.k.a.

Snow White a.k.a.

Barbie a.k.a.

Tiana a.k.a.

All the princesses!

Crazy pose!

After they all were 
transformed into princesses
it was time to eat!

Nixon's favorite- grapes!

Isla liked the marshmallows!

Time for cake! 
(and Nixon to blow out her candles and 
officially become 5 years old!)

She picked out her candles!

Nixon wanted to eat Rapunzel!

After eating the delicious cake 
it was time for presents.

As you can see she loved all her gifts!

In the movie "Tangled" every
 year on Rapunzel's
birthday they let lanterns 
go in the sky. 

I saw many ideas to imitate this 
but I was afraid to use real fire 
in a neighborhood so I decided to 
tie glow sticks to yellow balloons.

We went outside and sang
 Happy Birthday to Nixon 
and let our "lanterns" go!

The kids loved it! Unfortunately my 
camera did not work to get a picture
of the lanterns floating into the air.

Thankfully is was a rare February night and
 it was about 70 degrees outside!

After we came in the girls discovered
what they like more than 
getting makeovers was to give them!

Erica was a good sport and allowed the girls
to do her hair and makeup!

She made a beautiful princess!

I got my turn to become a princess!

Isla did my nails!

Nixon, Maggie, and Libby fixed my make-up.

I think the girls are going to need a few 
make-up tips before they become teenagers!

The girls had a wonderful time!

At the end of the night the 
girls climbed into their
sleeping bags to watch
 the movie "Tangled". 

They had popcorn, m&m's
 and juice as 
they enjoyed the movie!

We ended up with our 1st 
overnight guests ever!

Libby and Ava decided to stay the night!

I think by the end of the night
I fulfilled all of Nixon's 
birthday wishes but I was only able
to do it with the big help of
 Haley, Nicole, Erica and Ellie!

Jared and I are very thankful 
we were able to 
give Nixon the birthday party
 she wished for.

 I asked Nixon what 
her favorite part was? 
She said it was everyone
singing Happy Birthday to 
her and watching
the lanterns go up in the sky. 
(all the girls were talking
about the lanterns after the party)

At the beginning of the party she told us, 
"I didn't know my party was going to 
be THIS fabulous!"

That of course made us smile.

It's easy for me to get a little stressed
about the details
when planning birthday parties. 
I had to remind myself that day of why I 
was doing this and it wasn't about having
the perfect party or even the cutest but it
was about giving Nixon a special day.

Hopefully we gave a party that made her feel
as loved and as special as she really is.

We are also happy we
 can now officially say,
Happy 5th 
Birthday Nixon!!!!


  1. Julia, I just LOVE it! What an awesome party!!!!!! I bet the girls had the time of their lives and will always look forward to events at the Cartee house!

  2. Julia I love this idea and am totally saving it for when Kate gets older! My favorite photo was the one of Nixon waiting in line for the princess parlor - she looks so excited and happy! :)

  3. I can't figure out how to reply to individual comments even there is a button to do it??? So...
    Keana- Thank you! I hope you are doing good! It's been forever!
    April- Thank you! Nixon had a wonderful time!