Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 365

This year I am starting something new!
Last year I was very good at taking pictures of
the big events but not so much the our day-to-day lives. 

So, January 5th I started our family's 365 project! 
(I guess this year we should call it 360 day project)

I have and will continue to take a picture each day. 
I do not carry around my nice camera everyday so 
I decided to take them with my iphone using Instagram. 
If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sorry you've seen all these pics.
Also, due to greasy dirty little hands playing games on my phone 
the pictures aren't the clearest they could be.

Many of my friends New Year's 
resolutions were to blog everyday. 
I know that is completely unrealistic for me so hopefully this 
will help keep track of even our smallest memories. 


January 5th 
Our little baseball player! He loves for
 me to throw the ball with him. 
(especially while I'm nursing) 

January 6th
Lottie turned 1 month old!

January 7th
The big girls were visiting their cousins in Dallas so
we treated Roman and Lottie to Waffle House!

January 8th 
I started a new bible study with my 
college small group!

January 9th 
Roman watched his 2nd and 
Lottie watched her 1st
National Championship!
Roll Tide Roll!

 January 11th
The girls are home!
They wanted to have rest time with Lottie. 
Isla realized her baby was bigger than her 
baby sister!

January 12th
Lottie took her 1st nap in her bed!

January 13th
Mommy-Isla Date night!
We went to "Mexico".

January 14th
Cartee 5th Annual 
Miss America Party!

January 15th 
The kids representing
the National Champions
at church!

January 16th 
Me and my girls!

January 17th
Lottie's 1st time
 on an airplane!
(she did great!)

January 18th
I am very blessed to be able to 
work from home and with my sister. 
We are at our annual 
staff retreat in Dallas. 

January 19th 
Jessica and I went to the most interesting 
restaurant ever. Let's just say payment 
was "optional". 
You just paid what 
you felt like paying....

January 20th
On our way home.
Lottie's 1st taxi ride!

And 2nd flight!

January 21st
The 1st thing Nixon showed me 
when I got home the next morning 
were her nails. She asked, "Mommy, will there
be fingernail polish in heaven?"

 January 22nd
Jared taking a 
Sunday afternoon nap.
(oh, how I miss those!)

January 24th 
Nixon's 5 year checkup=
lots of shots and lots of tears! 
She weighs 43lbs and is 43 inches tall!

Roman's 2 year checkup
He is in the 99 percentile in height!
We have a very tall boy! 

January 25th 
Jared teaching Ephesians 6 
"Putting on the whole armor of God"

January 26th 
Lottie's 6 wk checkup @ 7 weeks!
She weighs 9lbs 7oz

January 27th
Thankful my 5, 3, and 2 year olds 
fight over who gets the 
last serving of salad!

January 28th
Nixon wanted her hair
to be "crazy" like Isla's.
We tried sponge rollers for the 
1st time!

January 29th
The beautiful results!

January 30th
Jared reading the 
kids their nightly
bible story.

I missed January 31st and a few other 
days but I really do like this idea.

I look forward to documenting 
our everyday lives this year!


  1. You amaze me. I can't do what you do...and I only have 2 kids. :)

  2. Hey Julia! We have the same Storybook Bible! I love reading it to the girls!!

  3. I remember using foam rollers as a little girl and having to wear panties to keep them in as I slept,