Thursday, May 16, 2013

"When I Grow Up I Want to be a Wedding Girl"

I saw the idea on Pinterest to
have pictures taken of your little girl
 while playing dress-up
in your wedding gown. 

I LOVED the idea. 
I wanted to take the
pictures at the girl's 
5th birthday but since
they are only 15 months 
apart it made
sense to do both 
at the same time.

They turned out beautiful! 
Thanks to my friend April Sawyer!

Nixon Grace ~ 5 Years

Isla Katherine ~ 4 1/2 years

We didn't want to leave Lottie
out! Don't worry! We will 
pull the dress out in 4 more years! 

Charlotte Rose ~ 10 months

"Therefore a man shall leave
 his father and his mother 
and hold fast to his wife, and
 they shall become one." Genesis 2:24 

Lord willing, one day each of my girls will
fall head over heels in love 
and find a man to spend the rest of her life with.

I look forward to pulling 
out these pictures 
and showing the girls how
 they played dress-up
in their mommy's wedding gown. 
I will remind them of a time when
 all they wanted was to grow
up and be a "wedding girl". 

May their dreams come true
and God answer mine and Jared's
prayers for two Godly
 men who love the Lord
and will lead and provide for them 
the rest of their days.

Until then girls, 
keep telling yourself
"Girls Rule, Boys Drool"! :) 

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