Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco "Tomorrow"

While Jessica and Jane Madelynn
are in Minneapolis we are 
trying to keep the kids busy!

Haley and I decided to throw the 
kids a Cinco De Mayo
 Party this afternoon!

It's amazing all the things we could 
throw together with 
items around the house!

The kids had no idea what
Cinco De Mayo was 
and they kept calling
it Cinco "Tomorrow".

It was cute,
 so it stuck! 

The kids decorated Mexican ponchos
made out of paper grocery bags!

Lottie even tried coloring!

Lottie loved her poncho

and showing off her walking skills!

No party is complete
without a little

They played a little limbo!

Nixon won!

We made yummy goodies!

Sombrero Hat Cookies!

Mexican Flag Pudding Jello!

Pretzel & Grape Maracas!

The food was a hit!

We had a fiesta picnic outside!

Lottie loved her jello!

It was a fun day!

Haley made an individual pinata
for each child! They turned out so cute!

Of course the kids loved them!


It was a fun day with cousins!

Maybe we started a few new
Cinco Tomorrow traditions?!?!?!