Friday, May 24, 2013

Dallas Arboretum, Zoo, Cousins.... the Beginning of a Fun Filled Week!

We've had a fun week
with Gue, Aunt Deidre, 
Reid, Ellis, & Ivy! 

We started the week with a picnic at
the Dallas Arboretum!

The kids didn't care too 
much about the flowers,
they just wanted to play!

They enjoyed rolling 
down the hill!

Lottie tried running down the hill.

We explored a bit
of the arboretum on our way to 
the frogs!

It was HOT! 
So the kids played in the water most of the time!

The babies just watched!

We love the arboretum!

Nixon found the editing tools
on my computer. 
She edited this picture herself
and insisted I save it! 
Future model or photographer
in the making?!?!

My little monkeys!

I caught Lottie pestering Roman by
hitting him with the gatorade bottle. 
He is getting some payback!

Nixon & Reid!

 This is one of my favorite spots
at the arboretum.
We had a great afternoon!

The next morning we
visited the Dallas Zoo!

Reid really liked studying the
map and figuring out
where everything was!

We rode the  monorail and 
saw the animals from above!

I think one of the kids
favorite things to do at the zoo is
climb on the elephants or
"Roll Tides" as Roman calls them!

Afterwards we got to see
the REAL elephants!

We sat down and had 
a relaxing picnic while
 watching the elephants. 

Lottie didn't care to much about the
picnic but enjoyed walking
around and exploring. 

We saw the giraffes and zebras!

The kids (or Gue) got 
to feed the giraffes!

We saw cheetahs and 
a BIG lion!

The kids "drove"
a safari jeep!

Isla was my little model
posing with every statue at the zoo!

We ended the day
at the children's area.

The boys of course went 
straight to the water!

Who needs a swimsuit?!?!?!

The older kids took 
a ride on
a pony.

Our last stop at
the zoo is always the carousel!

Roman always picks
the gorilla to ride!

The kids loved sharing the
zoo with Gue and their cousins!

Nixon had to go to school
so she missed out on this
day but she had several more days of
a fun-filled week with her cousins!

This was only the beginning! 


  1. What FUN! So glad you were able to go before it gets super hot outside!

  2. Looks like a fun time!! I think Ellis was in Addy's kindermusik class when they were younger. Small world!