Monday, November 5, 2012

Cotton Pickin' Fair!

At the beginning of October we
met my Aunt Sharon 
and Cousin Katie
at the Cotton Pickin' Fair. 

The past couple of times we have gone to
the Cotton Pickin' Fair all
the kids were so little
we just pushed them 
around, slowly browsing at
all the wonderful vendors, and shopped! 

BUT this year I learned
 that they have grown 
up and have more of an opinion on
what they want to do! 

So.... it turned into a fun day filled 
with kiddie activities and
very little shopping 
and browsing. 

We started with the puppet show.

It was actually very good. 
The kids loved it!

We ate yummy food
like funnel cakes and
 footlong corn-dogs!

I ran into my good
college friend
 Melissa and her boys!

The kids got to experience 
porta-potties for the 1st time!

Roman begged to do the 
jumpy thing. There was no way
I thought he would actually do it 
but he proved me wrong! 

He LOVED it! 

Nixon did it too!

Katie, Isla, and Lottie 
just watched!

We then rode the ponies!

Lottie was content riding in
the stroller!

The kids ate
cotton candy for a treat!

Lottie had cotton candy 
for the 1st time!

The kids were very tired 
and honestly didn't like all the
walking. Jared didn't like missing a
day of football but we 
all had a great time!

By mid-afternoon,
Roman and Lottie had had 
enough and went
on to the car.
Jared gladly took them. :)

But the girls wanted their 
faces painted!

Nixon wanted a flower.

Isla wanted to be a doggy! 

Although it wasn't what I expected,
it was a great day!

We left the Cotton Pickin' Fair 
and met Aunt Sharon and
Katie at The Bulloch House. 

This is my favorite place 
to eat near Phenix City.
It was extra 
delicious this evening.
I love their fried 
green tomatoes
& apples!

We got there
and it wasn't open yet
so we got to spend 
time visting and


We tried taking a family 
picture after dinner but it didn't
go too well!

It was such a treat to
visit with 
Aunt Sharon & Katie. 
The girls had a great time spending
 the night with them in their 
hotel and going to Calloway 
Gardens the next day. 

We look forward to seeing them 
when they come to Dallas for a visit!

We will miss the Cotton Pickin' Fair
but I am sure we can kind
find something similar
in Texas!

We love you Aunt Sharon and
Cousin Katie!  :) 

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