Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Beginning of TuTus by JuJu & My Silly Models!

On September 29th I got an
idea as I was planning out the 
kids Halloween costumes.
Maybe people would hire
me to make their children's 
costumes? I had received 
many compliments
last year on their
 Tin Man and Dorothy 
dresses so I thought it was
worth a try. 

Without even consulting Jared,
in about 30 minutes I came up 
with the name "Tutus By JuJu"
and photoshopped the name
on last years picture. 

One month and about 75 
orders later I am resting
 after the busiest 
month of my life! 

I have no skin left 
on my fingertips,
Band-Aids cover my 
hands from cuts, 
and I have a couple of 
holes in my carpet due to the 
ribbon burner!

I have learned many things
to do and NOT to do for next year. 
Main thing, start taking
 orders in July and 
do not take any orders after 
October 1st! :)

The girls have had so 
much fun modeling
the costumes!

It soon became a game to them. 
Although I only posted the
pretty pictures
 there are many 
pictures where the
girls are playing 
"model" or just 
being plain silly! 

Below are just a few 
of my favorites!

Isla calls these her
"model" poses!

The girls had so much
fun in their "Roll Tide" 
& "Auburn Stinks" costumes!

Miss Priss and 
her favorite 
Hello Kitty! 

Isla's favorite this year
was the Mermaid!

I think my favorite 
was Strawberry Shortcake!

I'm pretty sure it was Tinkerbell
that made Isla decide
she was going to get silly 
with this modeling gig! 

Isla said she was flying away!

We had to take a last minute trip to 
Dallas during October. 
Cousins Julianna and 
Johnna Katherine
were able to join in 
on the tutu fun! 

Nixon acting like a Peacock!

Isla "clowning around"!

Baby sister did not enjoy the
modeling as much. 
But she was soo cute! 

I am very blessed to have had this
opportunity. It has and is truly a 
blessing to my family!

I am happy the girls have such a 
good time helping out.

I look forward to making indians,
reindeer, and snowmen this next month! 

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  1. Julia, you are so talented and just so precious. I'm glad to call you my friend, and my sister x2! :)