Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

This Christmas Eve was very different 
from any other. 
In fact, this whole Christmas 
season was different! 

We are very use to 
a crazy Christmas season. 
During the 8 years Jared and I have 
been a family we have 
had a December wedding, moved twice
during the holidays, and have had
3 December babies. 

Maybe 2013 is the year 
we get to just celebrate Christmas?
But honestly it wouldn't
feel like a "normal"
Cartee Christmas without a little

Jared had to work this Christmas Eve
so it was just me
and the kids all day. 

It started off will a
parenting FAIL!

I was woken up to a little
girl (Nixon) upset because 
Casey our elf did not move!
He was in the same place as the night before! 

I felt bad especially since it was the last 
night Casey would be visiting us. 
Also, Nixon is hilarious when
it comes to the elf and Santa. 
She whispered to me,
"I know Casey isn't real.... I think you forgot!"

She has told me multiple times,
"I know Santa isn't real but it's 
really fun to pretend!" haha!

So in a hurry I came up with a plan!
I wrote this note and put a few
DIY elf ornaments outside the door.
I rang the doorbell and ran inside through the garage!

Nixon was happy to pretend
Santa has left them a prize!

For the record, the playroom did NOT
get cleaned!

But the kids had fun making 
their elf ornaments for our tree!

We then made nativity 

Somehow I did not get very good pictures
of the cookies but the

kids had a blast! The cookie cutters
came with a little devotional 
guide with verses for each cookie. 
I believe it's our new Cartee Christmas Eve tradition! 

Roman of course just ate 
the dough and made a mess!

Roman lost interest.
I went to look for him and
found him shooting birds with
the blowdryer out the window!

Lottie didn't feel very good.

She was only interested in eating them!

After we were finished with 
our nativity cookies we made cookies
for Santa!

And the kids ate a few.
(I did NOT, I saw all the runny noses and 
licked fingers that prepared them)

We went ahead and made Santa a plate!

Guess who came through the 
door as we were finishing the cookies!!??


It was too late to make it to 
the Christmas Eve service so 
we all took showers and 
headed over to Jessica's for
our Christmas Eve Party!

(Lottie was asleep and 
missed out on family pics)

We had yummy food
at Jessica's!

The kids played!

Roman ate and played! :) 

Jared and Lottie napped!

We came home
and put kids to bed. 
I started wrapping the 1st gift at 11:45pm

I think Jared and I
 got to bed around 2:30!
It's so much fun being Santa!

It was a wonderful day of
family fun and making memories. 

We are very blessed to have my sister
and her family 
right down the road!

We had a great time preparing 
to celebrate the birth of our savior. 

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