Saturday, April 11, 2015

American Girl Boutique- Nixon's 8th Birthday!

In January we took a family road-trip 
for Nixon's 8th Birthday. 
We dropped the boys off in Phenix City
with Uncle Robb and picked 
up Donna and Nixon's best friend
Libby. We headed to Atlanta to the 
American Girl Boutique! 

Please excuse the weird lighting
 on most of the pictures. 
Not sure what that was all about!
(I am NOT a photographer) 

We started the day off with 
fixing up the girl's dolls!

Lorelei really needed her
hair done! 

And Lottie didn't waste anytime
going and getting Lorelei's
brother, Luke! 

Lorelei got all fixed
up with piggy-tails to match Lottie! 

Isla's doll Caroline needed
some TLC too! 



Watching the dolls get 
their hair done was a blast
for the girls! 

We couldn't leave Emma out! 



Emma also got her ear's
pierced just like Nixon
 did for her birthday! 

All the girls were looking 

We then went shopping for new friends!
They knew exactly who they wanted!

Such a fun day with our daughters!

Donna and Libby

We then went to the
American Girl Bistro for milkshakes!

All the dolls had their
very own booster seat!

Milkshakes & Rootbeer Floats!

They even got little tea sets 
for their dolls!

The only thing Lottie loves
more than baby dolls is chocolate milk!

It was such a fun day!!

Next we arrived at the 
American Girl Hotel!
(Marriott has AG suites) 

The girls got to check-in 

They had to walk the PINK 
carpet when they arrived!

They had several surprises
waiting for them! 

When they entered their room
they LOVED all the pink and 
the treats waiting for them! 

They had special note welcoming them 
and their new doll! 


They did hair! 


Jumped on the beds!

And make-up!

They fixed all their 
dolls up in their new accessories! 

Nixon had a sweet time
with her sisters and her best friend!

The highlight of the weekend 
was the breakfast 
buffet! Apparently my girls
 have never been to a buffet!
They were astonished they 
could go back and get as much food as
they liked! Unfortunately, I didn't
 get any pictures of the 
heart shaped waffles or yummy food!

I am so thankful I was able to give Nixon 
such a special weekend. 
I know before long she will outgrow 
playing babies and dress-up. 

But may she stay as kind hearted 
and loving as she is now forever! 

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