Friday, August 19, 2011

Saturday @ Lake Martin!

We had another fabulous day
at Lake Martin on Saturday.

We woke up to Aunt Dee cooking
waffles and Pop and
Gabe cooking eggs outside.
(Jared watching)

We got a few snap shots of
all the cousins together
before heading outside!

Roman (20m), Isla (3), Ellis (22m), Cooper,
Nixon (4), Reid (4), Tucker (almost 4) & Walker

Uncle Jim with Roman and Ellis.
I'm sure he was breaking up a fight!

We had a another wonderful day at the pool!

And on the lake!

That night we got all dressed up and
went out to eat delicious seafood!

Nixon and Reid!

At the restaurant we tried getting a family picture!
The bigger the family gets the harder this task gets!

It's hard enough getting
my 3 to look at the camera!

Nixon Grace had a wonderful time at Lake Martin!

She said her favorite parts were:

1. Swimming (she learned how to do a
front and back flip under water!)

2. Riding the boat
(she went inner tubing for the 1st time!)

3. Playing with Reid!

Isla's favorite parts of the trip were:

1. Playing with her cousins
2. Seeing Gue and Pop :)
3. Playing Candyland

Roman can't really talk but if he
could I am sure he would say:

1. Wrestling with Ellis
2. Riding the boat and tubing!

We ended the weekend with a fabulous meal!
It was dark so
I only snapped one picture
of Allison, Tucker and Gabe!

Not only are the kds fortunate
to have a ton of cousins their own age to play with
I am blessed to have two wonderful
sister-n-laws, Allison and Deidre!

We look forward to many
more years having fun
and making memories
together at Lake Martin
with the Cartee Family!

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