Monday, August 8, 2011

A few days with Nina and Cheaper

Last week we went and spent a
few days with Nina and Cheaper.

My parents wanted to be called Nana
and Preacher but somehow mom ended
up being Nina. And Nixon gets her P and C
mixed up and so father is now
"Cheaper" to the kids!

Unfortunatley I forgot my camera in the
chaos of packing but father had
one I was able to
catch a few memories with!

What did we do in Tuscaloosa?

It rained most of our visit and it was
100 degrees outside so
we had alot of inside activities!

The girls had tea parties with
Nina's pretty tea set.

We baked cookies!
My mother has this amazing
ability to make the most
delicious cookies and
the girls love to help her!

She doesn't even make them
from scratch or anything.
They are simply the kind that
you break off. I can buy the
exact kind but mine are
never close as good as hers.

We went to the mall and the
kids rode the little rides!
(kinda like going to
Six Flags for them!)


Eating cupcakes have become a
special activity the girls look
forward to when visiting Nina!

We played with Nina's Shoes!

The girls played with
their new Barbies
while Preacher
played video games!

Played with Mommy's boots!

Most of the time Isla had
"mommy's new baby"
taking care of her!

Each night preacher
read the girls bible stories.

Preacher read Roman stories too!

Mom cooked my favorite meals!
Chicken with white barbecue sauce,
cheese potatoes,
homemade bread with honey-butter,
and steak to name a few!

We love going home. It's a wonderful break
from cooking and doing laundry!
The kids and I love spending
time with Nina and Cheaper!

Nixon loves going to "Preacher's church".
Isla always looks forward to eating cupcakes!
And Roman along with me looks
forward to all the yummy food and
just a change of scenery!

I was able to visit
with my closest friends.
I am so blessed to have maintained such
close friendships with
all my best friends from high school.

Unfortunately, I did not take my
camera to all our gatherings!
I love my kids being able to build
friendships with my friend's children!

Hopefully next time I will
remember my camera!

Unfortunately it will be another
year before I will see Sarah!
Although, I think I talk to her the
most because of our time difference!
She's my only friend I can call
at midnight or one in the morning!

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