Friday, May 22, 2015

1st Day of Summer- Ferry rides, Hula-Hooping, Jam Out Sessions, and the Beach!

Today was the 1st day of summer!

We spent the morning car ride making a 
Family Summer Bucket List. 

1st on the list was 
Riding the Ferry from 
Dauphin Island to Ft. Morgan. 

2nd on our bucket list was to 
go to the famous LuLu's. 
We had never been! 

It's amazing how a pile of sand can 
be so entertaining! 

King of the Hill!! 

Jared trying to hula-hoop!

I was actually a little 
impressed with my 
hula-hooping skills!

And no road-trip is complete 
without a jam out session! 

We ended the day at the beach in 
Gulf Shores! 

We had a fun day marking 
things off of our summer bucket list!

Looking forward to a fabulous summer!! 

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