Saturday, June 21, 2014

Last Day of School 2014

The last day of school finally arrived! 
I'm not sure who was more excited,
me or the kids? Actually, I know Lottie
and Roman were the happiest to have their
sisters home!

Nixon and Isla had 
WONDERFUL teachers this year!

We are very thankful 
for them. 

We went the easy way out this
year and got them 
gift cards to Sonic to thank them. 

Mrs. Lukas

Mrs. Sperry

The girls had fun on their
last day!

Nixon actually cried for days.
She was not ready for school to be out.
She really misses her friends. 

We had a BIG surprise waiting for the girls
when they arrived home!

Daddy and the kids hiding and waiting
to surprise the girls!

Here they come!


Ryan didn't want to join
in on the fun. She sat in the window
and watched.

Roman loves our
neighbor, Matthew!

Lottie didn't really love
being sprayed with water. 

She joined Jane Maddy
in the car to watch safely!

After cupcakes and drinks
the kids had to dry out!

It was a fun day! 
I love seeing how much they changed throughout the years!
Love my girls and my family! 

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