Thursday, May 22, 2014

Peek-A-Boo! Look Who's Two! Part 2- Baby Shower Birthday

Lottie LOVES babydolls
so it was easy to chose to 
have a babydoll birthday party for her.

We came home after The American
Girl Boutique (you can check that out here) and
had a baby shower themed party
for all the girl's
new dolls!

We had candied dipped marshmallow Rattlers

Baby Carriages filled with 
cupcake bites

Candy filled Bottles

Life-saver/ Jelly Bean Pacifiers

Twinkie Babies

Apple Juice served in Bottles

Chips and Pizza!

And of course,
Birthday Cake!

Gue and Pop were in town
to celebrate with the birthday girl!

Casey our Elf didn't want to miss
out either!

The kids thought it was 
awesome drinking out 
of baby bottles!

In fact, they enjoyed
all the themed food!

(I have no idea what JM is wearing.
I do know I have pictures to use to  blackmail
him in the future!)

The Birthday Girl and Jenn Jenn
decided they wanted to eat UNDER the 
table...It's her birthday and she
can do what she wants to. 

Lottie opened up
presents. As you can see
she really loves Minnie Mouse too!

No Birthday party is complete 
without games!

Or 1st game was 
Blindfolded Diaper Changing!

We decided to let the little ones
do the game without the

The big kids had a blast!

Even the boys enjoyed it!

Aunt Jessi had a real baby to
play with!

Our next game 
was a Baby Crawl Race!

They had so much fun racing!!!

Gue joined in on the races!

For party favors I made 
baby slings for all the girls and
their new babies!

I am so thankful to have such a big family
to celebrate birthdays 
with! It was a fun-filled day!

Thankful for my baby 
and her love for all things baby. 

"I not a baby. I Charlotte Rose!" -Lottie

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