Saturday, April 6, 2013

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Tonight was our 1st 
Daddy/Daughter Dance!

Nixon has been looking for the perfect
dress for months!
It was one of the 1st times
I let her go shopping
and pick out whatever she wanted. 

She insisted that 
it sparkle and twirl!
(I vetoed a few one shoulder 
dresses and very over priced ones) 

I am pretty sure it was the 
butterflies that sold her on her final choice. 

She let me curl her hair for the big event.
(which she never lets me do) 

She was beautiful!

Jared surprised her
with a corsage.

Your daddy should always be
 the 1st man to bring you flowers!

She loved it!

At the dance they...

Decorated and 
ate cupcakes!

Played with the


Danced some more!

We actually watched Nixon
dance. We had no idea she
had so many moves! 

She danced and played 
with her friends!

She was so excited
when her best friend 
Jayden showed up!

They danced for a while!

Everyone had a great time!

I asked them both what their 
favorite part of the night was 
and they both agreed it 
was dancing together!

Towards the end 
they were both tired.
Jared worked up a sweat 
with all his dancing! 

They headed out a few minutes early
to finish their
date at Sweet Frogs. 

I couldn't help but smile
 and laugh watching
Nixon on the 
dance floor tonight! 

I'm so glad I volunteered so
I could be there. 

She was wonderful! 
She is definitely my little
Dancing Queen.