Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 1 of Advent

It's the first day of December and the busyness is already overwhelming! Jared and I both love Christmas time and look forward to making new family traditions each year. One special tradition I remember from my childhood is having an advent calendar.

This Christmas we are really striving to show Nixon, Isla, and even Roman the true meaning of Christmas. In the meantime I feel it is causing me to stop and really think about my motives, and what my thoughts are dwelling on during this crazy time of the year! I came across a simple Christmas Countdown with scripture for each day. I purchased a wooden advent calendar with doors. My plan is to put two pieces of chocolate w/ the daily scripture in each door. Each night the girls can take turns opening the door. While they are munching on the candy, Jared can read the scripture and discuss. I pray this will become a special tradition for the girls not only for traditions sake but that it may be a time during this busy season we all sit quietly, listen and learn about what Jesus did for us.

Day 1
God Made it possible for Mary to become pregnant. Matthew 1:18

I must add listening to Jared explain immaculate conception to a 2 and 3 year old was funny!

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