Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Florida Thanksgiving!

Tuesday began with Indian day at school for Nixon!

We then drove to Niceville, FL to celebrate Thanksgiving with Wamble side of the family!

I am not sure who Nixon fell in love with more, Aunt Rita or Casey the dog? :)

Tuesday night we had a wonderful seafood dinner with Aunt Rita, Kailyn and Sam. It is quite funny to see how people react in a restaurant when you have 7 kids under 6 with you!

Today we had a fabulous Thanksgiving lunch. Aunt Rita went above and beyond to make it special! PawPaw even cooked his famous dressing. (I especially enjoyed his collards!)

I am very thankful for having such a wonderful family. It brings back so many memories when we are able to get together and it makes me happy knowing I am creating happy traditions and memories for my three!

We have left Florida and now are in Leroy to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Cartee's tomorrow!

Aunt Rita was an amazing host for the Wamble family Thanksgiving!

Lollipop Turkeys!!!
The center pieces for the kiddie tables were a hit with the younger ones!

JK and Isla trying not to eat any before lunch!

Kailyn made these adorable "Pie" cupcakes for all the kids for desert!

A Wamble Family Thanksgiving would not be complete without fried turkey! Yumm!!!

Nixon Grandchildren!
Getting 10 kids 6 and under to sit and pose for a picture can be challenging!!!

Paw Paw Wamble and Roman met for the first time today!

"Cheaper" and Nixon pose for a picture!

Say Turkey!!!!
Isla poses for a couple of pictures! (A lollipop was the bribe!)

Roman's Turn!

Nixon posing by the "beach tree"!

Mommy and Isla!!

A few of the kids favorite things from today!!!

Swinging on the hammock!

Playing in the Bird Bath!
(any missing seashells are now in the bay thanks to Nixon!)

Walking on the dock!

Jessica and the kids were there to celebrate along with John Ashley, Ella and Sara!

Cousin Kailyn (the family baker and photographer) made the day extra special! She captured all the "professional pictures" of the entire family! They will come later! :)

Another Wamble Thanksgiving tradition is playing
Dirty Santa with all the girls!
For some reason I did not get any pictures of that?

But I did get a few of the kids. Jessica bought a gift for all the kids so they would not feel left out! I guess this was everyone's first Christmas gift of the season!

Aunt Sharon read Isla and Johnna Katherine their new book!

Below are a few random memories caught throughout the day!

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